Our Holistic Process

Renato utilizes a holistic five phase process to help guide you. By discussing your current financial status, gathering facts, presenting solutions, applying a strategy, and providing continued service, he will help you establish a firm financial foundation.

Phase One — Discussion and Discovery

At Alarcon Financial Strategies, we want to know you before drafting your financial strategy. We believe it is of significant importance to understand each individual’s concerns and goals. It is of equal importance that we give you a picture of what it is that we can do for you.

Phase Two — Fact Finding

In phase two we gather your financial information which will help us identify what areas need to be addressed. In this phase we prioritize the goals and concerns and establish benchmark objectives.

Phase Three — Presentation of Solutions and Options

In phase three we present the blue print which has been carefully formulated using the information gathered in phase two. Here we explain how we will utilize the proper financial vehicles to achieve the previously set goals.

Phase Four — Execution of the Strategy

In phase four we execute the chosen strategy.

Phase Five — Monitoring and Continued Service

After the strategy is executed, Alarcon Financial Strategies will continue to work alongside you and monitor your growth towards your financial goal. We will provide you with continued service. Even though the strategy has been established, this does not mean it is set in stone. Sometimes strategies will need to be adjusted, objectives can change and therefore goals might need to be rearranged. Alarcon Financial Strategies will be there every step of the way.